November 27, 2019


Brand-publisher – cooperating with a blogger

As the blogosphere universe keeps expanding every day, verified bloggers, influencers and other content publishers are the go-to group for brands seeking to amplify their online presence. With their well-established and highly focused follower groups, who closely emulate their idols’

Price filtering

We listen to your needs and respond to them. Create pricing frames that will strengthen your brand credibility. You probably realize how important the role of the brand is in today’s word. Attempting to stand out is becoming increasingly difficult.

Top 5 sales-boosting tools dedicated for brands

It still rarely happens that producers, brands or official distributors set up their own online stores. A much more common practice is selling own goods via external dealers, e.g. chain stores or retailers. At the same time, core companies can

Why you shouldn’t compete on price

Price is one of the major factors customers consider when they want to buy a product. It is tempting to use price as an incentive, especially for emerging businesses, but it can quickly turn into a huge mistake.  If you

How pricing strategy helps you maximize profits

Developing a pricing strategy can be a complex task. You need to determine the prices that make you retain customers and attract new ones, as well as ensure your company’s profitability. How can you squeeze profits from your business?  The