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People behind

We are a technological company which connects brands and retailers with their clients.  We help companies to adjust to digital changes and face consumers’ expectations. When the consumer interacts with a brand’s products, we show them which retailers can offer them these products. In this way, the whole process becomes smoother, safer and faster.

At the same time, we deliver data, and reports to help brands and retailers to decide about the next step to be taken.

We observe, and listen to our customers, and as a result, we come up with ready-to-use solutions which they can use thanks to our platform. 

We wanted to make the buying process easier for consumers. This is how our story began.

Our story

Our story begins in 2013, when we launched a new service, Ads4books. It was a performance marketing network dedicated to the book market. One of its main features was a price comparison engine designed as a simple plugin, which could be embedded into any website. We were impressed with how rapidly our tool gained popularity with book portals and bloggers. In fact, for this reason, in 2015 we decided to turn this feature into a new service. That’s how BUY.BOX was born and today it’s used by hundreds of websites and a cap of million end-users. Only last year the total value of purchases made via our services amounted to more than 70 million PLN. Today, we operate in product categories such as books, household appliances, electronics, movies, music, cosmetics and children’s goods.

Our next step was expanding our operations and bringing manufacturers into the picture, so we launched 100Shoppers. It’s a where-to-buy solution, which effectively converts visitors into shoppers. Implemented on producers’ websites, our new tool leads visitors directly to online shops, where they can buy viewed products. This makes the path to purchase shorter by bringing users straight to landing pages. As an analytical tool, 100Shoppers provides producers with data about sales and product popularity. Better reactions to sales trends, more informed business decisions, stronger and sustainable relationship management are only a few advantages that the quality and comprehensive data delivered to producers can offer.

From 2021 we also operate on the Lithuanian and Austria markets and we plan to enter other foreign markets.

Our experience

We have 10 years of experience in creating business solutions which deliver real value to our partners. If you had an opportunity to work with us or you are currently doing so, you know our approach and how we take care of business relationships.



Let's make the world green again

We are really attached to the green color – we can say this is in our company DNA. It started with our CEO, who tries to raise awareness about the advantages of an eco-friendly lifestyle. He thinks there is no such thing as bad weather for biking to work.

Together we can do more, therefore, we joined in planting trees with If you join us, you plant a forest with us. Every month we plant a tree on behalf of your company. You also receive a personalized certificate.

We can do something good for our planet.

One monthly subscription = one planted tree

Our team

We are a team, where every person brings something unique: knowledge, energy, their own point of view. This is how we’ve been working together for many years, creating solutions you can implement.

Waldemar Sadowski

Chief Executive Officer
Jacek Chmielewski

Jacek Chmielewski

Chief Technology Officer

Radosław Doczyk

Chief Sales Officer
Paweł Winiecki

Paweł Winiecki

Head of Backend Development

Joanna Kaczmarek

Brand Marketing Manager

Tomasz Jaruga


Waldemar Misztak

Customer Success Team

Patrycja Szczurowska

Marekting & Design

Anna Chmielewska

Customer Success Team

Jacek Chmielewski

Jakub Bednarski

Front-end Developer


and more persons

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