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Know more about your retail network, your visitors’ customer experience, and discover where you can boost conversion. Intuitive user interface and visual reports present clear and transparent data and trends.

Where To Buy solution allows you to be closer to consumers and your retailers. Your brand website becomes visitor-friendly, offering easy purchase from stores recommended in the Where To Buy widget. But this is just the beginning of your journey to building a better understanding of trends and taking greater advantage of the e-commerce channel. Check what data and available reports can give you.

Information about your products and user preferences will let you create a better sales offer. Trend charts will help you plan a better sales strategy, one adjusted to your customers’ needs and expectations.

Follow the ranking of products by impressions, clicks and number of items sold, and the impact of marketing actions on their position.

Reporting shop views, clicks and sales will let you direct the traffic from your website to selected shops with greater precision. Find out how your sales are performing on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis, and which price ranges are recording the best results.

Availability and price are indicators essential in building your brand perception. Thanks to our solution, you will be able to check the current and average accessibility of your products in specific shops and see which items enjoy the biggest popularity. Price monitoring can significantly influence your pricing policy and help you create high sales standards.

Our tool makes setting up product groups and monitoring your competitors an easy feat. With the help of generated reports, you can quickly analyze and compare the prices and availability of your competitor’s products with your own. Based on the data, you will be able to define the seasonality of your industry and learn about the prevailing market conditions. That knowledge will further help you better position your top products.

Identify the sources that drive your brand’s webpage. Find out which content (blog, ads, social media, etc.) and how triggers most customer visits to your website. Our tool can become a data mine of your day to day operations, as well as providing essential facts and figures during the marketing campaigns.

With data on sales effectiveness of individual advertising channels and creatives, your agency can optimize the products campaign for sales in real-time. You can test this feature on your Landing Page and follow customer journey from point A to Z, at the same time tracking sales of promoted products.

“This shows that it is a good idea to examine the new way of directing B2C customers to our business partners and further develop it”.

Analyze the data your way

Export data in a CSV file and share it with your sales or marketing department.

Webhook allows you to send your real-time data wherever you might need it.

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