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We connect brands with shoppers and retailers

Our Where-To-Buy widget provides a unique shopping experience by connecting shoppers and retailers in highly efficient manner. The widget transports the shopper directly to the product page where the purchase happens.

Build good relationships with online stores. All retailers in one place.

Boost your website conversion rate even by up to 250%.

Keep up to date with sales results on your products and monitor their availability.

Here's how it works

Have a look at how the Where-To-Buy solution leads consumers directly from the manufacturer’s website to selected
online shops, supplying you with comprehensive sales data.

Where-To-Buy widget displays a list of online retailers where the product is available.


Visitor makes a decision to purchase a product and chooses the store.

Visitor buys a product at the selected store.

Our solutions

3 steps to quickly launch and intensify your activity in the e-commerce channel

1 Where-To-Buy solution. Boosting your sales.

The Where-To-Buy solution is a simple widget implemented on a brand’s website. Its purpose is to direct visitors straight to the online stores with the specific product currently on offer. It is crucial for shoppers to go through the purchasing process smoothly and efficiently.

Thanks to the Where-To-Buy solution they know exactly which trusted stores carry the product they’re looking for.

Learn more about how you can customize your widget using a simple configurator, and how to select stores for your widget.

2 Reports. Thinking strategically

The Where-To-Buy widget shows your site’s traffic conversion rate. You can analyze more than just how many products you have sold and how popular they are. The possibility of monitoring products and prices in stores makes carrying out an in-depth analysis a very simple task.

Thanks to the detailed product information available through thee widget you can react more adequately to market trends and build a strong e-commerce strategy based on the data generated during this process.

Analyze the data and get a better insight.

3 The campaign analysis. Boosting effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

The marketing campaign analysis is an additional service you can order while running your campaign, or when you want to measure real-time sales effectiveness from any number of selected channels.

Adding the Where-To-Buy widget to your Landing Page allows us to analyze the user’s sales path until the purchase is completed. The reports you have access to present all the important indicators and results such as: traffic analysis, sales details including sources, eg. Google, Instagram, Facebook, etc. as well as ads. Sales information delivers you and your agency an irreplaceable knowledge about the effect of the campaign. You will be able to optimize it while it is still running

Check how your campaigns convert into sales.

Turn your visitors into shoppers
and grow your sales​

No credit card required and no commitment

How brands use the widget

Take a look at the Where To Buy solution on their sites and what our clients say

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The 100SHOPPERS solution made it possible for us to successfully lead customers to purchase on our website. The widget is fully customizable and offers a wide range of options for managing the way stores are displayed. Thanks to this, we were able to quickly increase the number of stores in the “Where to buy” widget, which resulted in an increase in sales.
Zofia Bogusławska
Brand Manager
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Thanks to the 100Shoppers plugin, managing customer information under the Where-To-Buy button is faster, easier and more efficient both on our brand sites and in our campaigns. The provided reports let us use the potential of our products more effectively.

Łukasz Sałański 
Omnichannel Development Manager

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This solution is very flexible, which lets us customize the widget to our brand website. Thanks to that, we are able to direct our customers to chosen retailers, leading them straight to the product card where the product is available.

Rafał Czapski
Digital & Trade Marketing Manager

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Store lists displayed automatically next to every product is a customer solution that directly contributes to boosting our sales in. Additionally, the detailed reports we can generate with such ease provide our marketing departments with necessary information about the popularity of our products.

Anna Pietrzak
Marketing Director


Thanks to the 100Shoppers plugin, managing customer journey under the Where To Buy button is faster, easier and more efficient both on our brand sites and in our campaigns. The provided reports let us use the potential of our products more effectively.

Łukasz Sałański
Omnichannel Development Manager

Spectrum Brands

Case studies


How CASIO Music increased their sales by 400% thanks to redirecting consumers to stores on the list of trusted online retailers and significantly improving awareness of the tool among their consumers.

Russell Hobbs

How Russell Hobbs replaced their previous where-to-buy solution with our 100SHOPPERS tool and gained full automation, access to historical and real-time data and increased the number of views by 172%.

(Geberit Group)

How we create a new conversion on website using Where-To-Buy solution, integrating their retail – online stores in the first place.

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