Become Our Partner

by recommending our solution to manufacturers and take advantage of additional financial benefits. 

How To Start

  1. Recommend our solution to the manufacturers you work with or the ones you think would definitely benefit from it.
  2. Encourage them to register on the 100Shoppers platform by forwarding them a dedicated link that you will receive.
  3. As a sign of our appreciation of your efforts, you will receive 3 000 PLN.

Contract finalization

Make the first step – mentioned above – and then the rest is entirely our responsibility.

Simple channel for extra revenue

Personal or company recommendations work so much better than any kind of advertising. That’s why we have developed a platform based on partnership. 

Sales and supporting materials

We ensure ready-to-use marketing materials to help you successfully refer businesses to us. 

Who is this partner programe for?

Any person who has contacts with our potential customers – manufacturers – can become our partner. Let’s build a partnership that you can benefit from. Recommend us to your contacts.

Online shops

As a retailer you have many contacts with companies. Why don’t use them and tell them about our solution. 

Marketers & Agencies

Maybe you are responsible for running the marketing campaigns for brands (manufacturers) and you would like to help them to sell more.


While implementing any kind of solutions for brands’ website, why don’t you tell your customers about 100shoppers.

Sales managers

Promote our solution to your contact network.

Individual person

You don’t have to run a company to become our Partner. If you have a good relationship with manufacturers, feel free to tell them about us.

Media houses

If you are looking for a solution to support your campaigns, even one-off ones, then write to us.


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Leave your email address by submitting the form below to become our Partner. In response, you will receive your unique referral link. Introduce our solution to manufacturers and encourage them to register on our platform or talk to us. If the manufacturer starts to cooperates with us and pays the first invoice, we will pay you a commission.

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After filling in the form below, you will receive your unique referral link to share with your contacts. You are also welcome to forward to us a contact who is initially interested in 100Shoppers by sending us a  message and adding our Partnership Manager email address in CC.

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The contact you submit by email or through a unique referral link will be assigned to your account for a period of 2 months, with the possibility of extension if the manufacturer begins the integration process (registration, taking the next steps from the process)

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When a manufacturer registers using a unique referral link, you will receive a confirmation to your email address within 24 hours.

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The solution is mainly designed for manufacturers, but it is also available to marketing agencies or media houses that run, e.g. marketing campaigns for them and looking for new solutions.

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Yes, send a welcome message to the manufacturer and add our Partnership Manager in CC.

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The Partner conducting business activity is entitled to a payment of PLN 3,000.00 netto, to which VAT should be added at the rate applicable on the date of issuing the invoice.

The Partner not conducting a business activity is entitled to a payment of PLN 3,000.00.

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For each customer (e.g. manufacturer) assigned to your account, you can receive one commission payment.

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When the recommended customer (manufacturer) starts using the services of the Organizer (100shoppers) and pays the first subscription. The commission shall be paid within 7 days from the date of delivery of a properly issued settlement document by the Partner.

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The Organizer (100shoppers) will inform the Partner by e-mail within 5 days about the fact that the customer (manufacturer) has started using the Organizer’s services and paid the first subscription. The remuneration settlement will take place once a month on the basis of the billing document issued. 

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No, an individual can also become our Partner.

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Our Partnership Manager will be pleased to answer any questions you may have. Contact him at

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No, it is not necessary.

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Yes, once you sign up for the Program, you will receive materials that you can use to promote the 100shoppers solution.

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The Organizer will inform the Partner by e-mail within 5 days about the start of using the Organizer’s services and payment of the first subscription by the Client (Manufacturer). Settlement of compensation will be made on a monthly basis on the basis of the billing document issued.

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Become Our Partner

Please, leave your contact and we will reach out to you to talk about the benefits and details of our program.


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