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What do you gain with 100SHOPPERS?

Join resellers integrated with us
and develop your cooperation with brands
Display your offers
on the brand’s websites
Increase your sales
related to a good relationships with your partners

Other benefits

Integrated with the PrestaShop and the Shoper e-commerce platform

Offers API
Validation API
Reports & Statistics

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What Clients say

Rafał Czapski
Digital & Trade Marketing Manager

The solution is very flexible, which let us create a Where-To-Buy solution customized to our brand website. Thanks to that, we are able to redirect our customers to chosen retailers leading them directly to the product fiche and assuring them that the product is available.

Anna Pietrzak
Marketing Director

Store lists displayed automatically next to every product is a customer solution that has a direct impact on our sales. Additionally, the detailed reports provide our marketing departments with necessary information about the popularity of our products.

Łukasz Sałański
Omnichannel Development Manager

Thanks to the 100Shoppers plugin, managing customer information under the Where-To-Buy button is faster, easier and more efficient both on our brand sites and in our campaigns. The provided reports let us use the potential of our products more effectively.