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Better sales with
Where-To-Buy widget

Your brand’s website is the first place which visitors go to in order to find trusted shops that carry your products. Our simple-to-use widget will help you offer such a curated selection of reliable retailers to your customers.

What are the benefits of the solution?

  • By directing the visitors straight to the stores, you reduce the risk of your potential clients drifting away to your competitors while browsing products on Google, or price comparison sites. In this way, our Where-To-Buy widget effectively increases the conversion.
  • Displaying only pre-selected trusted retailers who currently carry your products.
  • Completely automated ready-made solution.
  • Exploring customer journey insights: the sources of traffic, most popular closing channels, products in demand, to better optimize & increase sales.
  • Simplifying the entire purchase patch between brand’s website and the store.
  • Using every possible touchpoint to reach a brand.
  • Having the best possible shopping experience
  • Sense of understanding of visitors’ needs.
  • Providing high-quality traffic to your store.
  • Marketing campaigns being conducted by brand along with selected stores.
  • Activating a new sales channel and implementing an omnichannel strategy that addresses all retail touchpoints.

“After launching the Where-To-Buy widget on the brand’s website, there was an increase in traffic and sales thanks to the widget redirecting the consumers to stores from our list of trusted online retailers.”


Have a look at how you can customize the appearance of the widget and manage the priority of display of the selected stores

On your product page, you can use different display formats for your widget – a popover version, or an overlay, which is discreet, but it also grabs consumer’s attention. A well-selected format can transform visitors into customers much more successfuly.

A simple configurator allows you to both change the color of the call-to-action, which guides the consumer to the selected store, and its message, such as Buy online or Go to store. With the “product details” function you will additionally display the product image and the name in the widget itself. Configure a Where-To-Buy that fits your site and is consumer-friendly. You can also use API to create your own where -to-buy solution.

The configurator allows you to easily select the stores you want to display in the widget. In the list in the panel, you will find the stores and marketplaces that are already integrated with us. You can manage the retailers you want to display. The store positioning function allows you to highlight selected stores and display them always at the top of the list.

The Where-To-Buy solution is a tool that streamlines the consumer’s path to purchase, but most importantly, it allows you to gather and analyze data – traffic and sales, availability and prices. You get direct access to information on how and what consumers buy, where you can improve website conversions and what sources are the biggest converters. In this way, our Where-To-Buy widget becomes not just another channel for selling your products, but a source of comprehensive data you need to analyze and optimize your cooperation with retailers.

You can examine the data in the form of ready-made summaries in the user interface, or download and send it to your BI tools.

Make all your content shoppable

Stay close to your customers and build a brand strategy based on every touchpoint

You can embed our solution into any online location where your content is published: blog, YouTube, Landing Page, or social media channels. As such locations combine branding and relationship marketing, activating them as data sources will help you better understand your customers and meet their expectations far more expertly. In this way, you can better control your budget and invest in channels that generate the highest sales. You will increase the conversion for your website and other content pages, and turn visitors into shoppers.

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