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Online campaign analysis
with Where-To-Buy widget

Track sales performance from specific sources and advertisements. 

See how it works

Let’s take a look at consumer purchase path

How it works
How it works

Boosting effectiveness
of marketing campaigns

The tool allows you to measure the effectiveness of product campaigns based on sales results from specific sources and ads.

Where-To-Buy widget

Where-To-Buy widget implemented on the manufacturer’s website or campaign’s landing page displays a list of online retailers where the product is on offer.

Campaign analysis report in handy

  • Campaign overview (traffic, sales, CTR, CR)
  • Sales details from specific sources and ads
  • Promoted products analysis (sales, traffic) 
  • Landing page’s traffic analysis 

Campaign improvement

By tracking and measuring the effectiveness of sales from specific sources and ads you can take a specific action and optimize the campaigns.

Budget control

A quick data analysis allows you to correctly reallocate the budget across the best converting channels.

Customer-oriented strategy

By identify customers’ interactions with your brand you can choose only these channels which responding to consumer behavior and their preferences.

Source analysis

You can keeping track of what sources consumers are coming to your website from, not only the landing page during a marketing campaign.

Data & Statistic

By implementing an online campaign with the 100SHOPPERS widget you get more than just the number of impressions and clicks. We analyze in real time the user’s path until making a purchase via your website or the Landing page. Well-designed report views such as Traffic, Sales and Promoted Products present a complete picture of your campaign.

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We show you the effect of advertisement. If you are planning a product campaign, test our solution: widget + data in the form of a report. Combining the solutions you use with 100shoppers’ analytical tool will give you a wider picture of your campaign.

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