Your online campaign analysis in numbers 

Analyzing the campaign effectiveness and the best converting sources.


Now, you have more than only the number of views or clicks. Analyze the customer journey together with sales your campaign generates in a real-time and optimizing your strategy. With our interactive dashboard and figures, you can track traffic & sales divided into segments: promoted products, other brand’ products, and products other brands. You receive a full overview of the campaign you are running.

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Strategy and customers' needs

Get closer to your customers. Follow the sources' ranking and from which they are coming and make the purchase. Find the brand' insight with a fully measurable online marketing campaign. We present essential digital metrics to track and analyze the reports. Working on the online campaign connecting with data we deliver, influences on better strategy, and on positioning for the brand.

More advantages for all

How do you measure the campaign success?

Now, you can follow which ads and channels make the best sales. The knowledge about the campaign dealing with interactive data helps you to understand your consumer insights and improve purchase patch. Achieve better revenue with data we collect. Now, the analysis is much more comfortable and precise. Be a team with your agency and distributors.

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