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Implementation of the Where-To-Buy widget - Russell Hobbs website case


increase in the number of views


issues solved
  • implementation of a fully automated solution
  • providing historical and real-time data
  • an opportunity to better manage the e-commerce market

About Russell Hobbs

The Russell Hobbs brand specializes in the production of small household products (irons, kettles, toasters, cooking appliances, kitchen accessories). It belongs to the American holding company Spectrum Brands Holding.
small household appliances
September 2018

Identifying the brand’s needs and diagnosing the problems they face

During the presentation of our 100shoppers Where-To-Buy solution, we learned what problems and technological limitations appear in the where to buy solution currently used on their website. The main problem turned out to be the lack of automation which significantly affected the effectiveness of the solution implemented on the company’s website. We divided the problems into 2 categories: technology and system management.

Technological limitations:

  • Incorrect matching of the producer’s product with the store’s offer
  • The need to manually match products and store offers
  • Lack of automatic update of product availability in the store. As a result, the where-to-buy widget displayed stores with no products in stock
  • Lack of automation of offer and price updates in stores
  • The need for continuous tool monitoring
  • No possibility to configure the widget’s appearance
  • No possibility of rotation of displayed stores and their position

System issues:

  • Lack of a tool that would integrate partner stores in one place
  • Lack of full data synchronization for sales and marketing departments (reports, statistics)

The above-mentioned limitations of the solution affected the consumer purchasing process and conversion rate on the manufacturer’s website.

What we did

The first stage

In the first week of cooperation, the previous solution on the producer’s website was replaced with the 100shoppers widget. First, we improved the mechanism that was directly related to the way consumers used the solution and as a result we managed to ensure an efficient shopping path.
The where-to-buy solution started providing full automation, which allowed:
  • correct matching of offers with EAN product codes
  • eliminating manual matching
  • displaying only stores where the product is available
  • updating offers and prices in stores
  • monitoring product availability in stores
  • eliminating the need for inspection by the producer

Second stage

In the following weeks we focused on specific functions inside the widget, providing the producer with the ability to edit the tool’s features.

Features used:

  • Configuring widget appearance (full customization)
  • Ability to enable “Store rotation” and store positioning.


After adding 100SHOPPERS widget the webpage increased its number of views by 172%. The client received a fully automated solution consisting of the Where-To-Buy plugin and a list of stores. Morover, they got an access to historical and real-time data and a whole range of reports. Now they can manage their e-commerce better.

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