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Increasing sales by 400% thanks to 100SHOPPERS solution


increase in sales
(Q3 2019 vs Q3 2020)


new brands from manufacturer’s group also launched our solution
  • increase in traffic thanks to redirecting consumers to stores on the list of trusted online retailers
  • significant increase in the awareness of the tool among consumers
  • from the D2C model to Where-To-Buy the solution

About CASIO Music

The CASIO Music brand specializes in the production of musical instruments (digital pianos, synthesizers, keyboards and accessories).
electronics / musical instruments
July 2019

Situation before the implementation of the 100SHOPPERS solution

The manufacturer had its own e-shop ( on the website, which did not generate sufficient sales. Consumers, despite entering the brand’s website, did not have the possibility to choose a store where they could purchase a given product. As a result, there was a lack of reaction and the traffic was constantly being led outside – to a search engine or a price comparison engine.

Identified needs:

The manufacturer needed an automated e-commerce tool (instead of only D2C sales model) that would integrate the stores in one place and enable better management of sales production. Their goals included:
  • launching an e-commerce channel on the website and keeping their own store
  • being able to promote online stores through positioning them in the where to buy widget

What we did

The first stage

  • integration of online stores from the new industry with the 100SHOPPERS platform/li>
  • launching the Where-To-Buy widget on the website
After connecting the first online stores in the widget on the brand’s website, traffic and sales started to increase thanks to redirecting consumers to stores from the list of trusted online retailers.
The manufacturer gained the ability to use the store rotation function and setting the order in which stores are displayed. Now CASIO Music can use the full potential of their website, which is one of the stages of the sales funnel.

Second stage

After a few months of using the solution the manufacturer extended the cooperation and launched the 100SHOPPERS tool on the following pages of Zibi Group brands: G-shock, Takamine and Nux Polska.


  • The maufacturer increased sales from website by 400% (3Q 2017 versus 3Q 2020).
  • Awareness of the tool among consumers has significantly increased. Having a choice of several stores, the consumer does not give up the purchase.
  • Greater impact on brand positioning in e-commerce.
In order to provide the best shopping experience to its customers, the manufacturer relied on the B2B2C model. In doing so, the brand expanded its sales channel. By changing from Direct-To-Consumer to some kind of hybrid (a “Where to Buy” widget presenting partner online stores + its own store), CASIO gained the opportunity to increase revenue.

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