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Where-To-Buy solution – in-depth reports and sales analyses

Where-To-Buy solution – in-depth reports and sales analyses

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Where to buy widget is a multi-functional tool designed for producers. Most importantly, it cuts short client’s path to purchase, which is always the go-to. But the essential value of our widget are detailed reports accessible from the tool’s control panel. With this function you can analyze the availability of your products store to store, the web traffic or the sales volumes generated by the producer’s website.

Look below on how to use the genuine data provided in the reports.

Abundance of data

The transparency of the control panel is the major advantage of our tool. As a rule of thumb, we decided to abandon lavishness and tinsel for the sake of simplicity and minimalist design. We agreed that the best data is readable data, therefore the particulars collected and presented in the administration window should be clean and easy to export as legible figures. So, reports can be divided into a few categories, which simplifies your search for relevant data even further. Let’s start our demonstration with the reports available from the Dashboard level, that is the homepage.

Here you can find the most relevant data about the widget itself and web traffic. These include:

  • where to buywidget views on page, which shows you how many times the widgetwas called up;
  • offer views, displaying how many times visitors to a website saw your offer;
  • number of clicks, redirecting clients to stores;
  • number of orders made, showing the overall number of orders that started off with thewidget;
  • number of units bought, which calculates how many pieces were ordered with the where to buy plugin;
  • sum of sales, which covers the value of sold products;
  • the most relevant CTR and CR indicators.

By means of graphs presenting a clear view of traffic and sales within a time-frame, the Dashboard offers an overview of all events that occur on your website.

Detailed reports

Access to more comprehensive reports is available on subscription. Having tried out the demo version or/and having tested the free trial, a producer can make an informed decision about the most suitable reports model.

Currently, the reports collect data from:

  • shops, in-depth analysis of traffic, clicks and offer views in all shops integrated with our plugin;
  • categories, similar yet more detailed data breakdown. Our reports always feature your product categories as part of the integration (we will leave the details for another post);
  • products, one of the most detailed bookmarks devoted to the analysis of sales via the plugin. Reports from that site show, among others, sales of particular models, the ranking of the most popular products, or clients’ baskets;
  • availability, the widget collects the data about all products available from your business partners embedded in the widget;
  • price distribution, which allows to check prices on particular products over time, or the average price;
  • sales, the most extensive report, which offers a general sales analysis, separated into time periods, number of transactions, products, etc.

It is worth to mention that every such report can be exported from the administration panel into a universal file format, which makes the data ready-to-show and presentable at an internal meeting. Should a need to verify the effectiveness of marketing and sales campaigns arise, the data can be swiftly passed on to the marketing or sales departments.

Depending on the subscription packet, you can gain access to even more valuable data, including personalized individual reports on request.

The information we shared above shows in a nutshell the most important data that can be skimmed with the help of our plugin. You can read about how this data can be analyzed more deeply and put to use by reading (text and author), coming soon to our website. The article will provide a well-developed guide to guide and aid your experience with where-to-buy plugin.

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