Integration with our system includes importing the products of your store into our database. For this purpose, we use XML files in one of the popular formats (e.g. Ceneo, Nokaut, Google RSS, ATOM). The file should be updated at least once a day.


When preparing your product file, pay special attention to:

  • Include the full offer of the store in the Product Feed. 
  • Following with the specification for the chosen format.
  • In the file, remember to declare that it is XML, e.g. <?xml version=”1.1″?> according with the specific specification.
  • Check the “Required data
  • Check the “Product availability parameter”
  • Deliver the Product Feed via URL (HTTPS)
  • Do not change the path of the URL. If you do, inform us about it. 

Supported XML file formats

Choose one the formats:

  • Ceneo
  • Nokaut
  • Google RSS or Atom

If you have XML in a different format, we recommend, for example, the Feedink tool to prepare the appropriate format or use CSV (Other option section).

Required data for the file

  • Product ID (unique product ID)
  • GTIN code of the product (e.g. EAN)
  • Product name 
  • Name of the manufacturer
  • Product image URL
  • URL of the product page in the store
  • Product price
  • Category 
  • Product availability
    In case of other formats or lack of stock parameter in Ceneo format, all offers that are in the XML file are considered available. To mark an offer as unavailable, remove the offer from the file.

Product availability for Ceneo format:

In the case of the format for Ceneo, our mechanism finds an offer as available/active if stock is > 0. In addition, it filters offers based on the avail parameter.

  • stock=”1″ – available 
  • stock=”0″ – not available 
  • avail – use the specific value for each option following the Ceneo specification. This parameter represent the specific information about availability.

Both: the avail and stock parameter need to reflect the information on the store’s website.


Other option:

If don’t use any of supported XML file formats, choose CSV option.