Our plug-in for Shoper software allows you to easily and quickly integrate your shop with the 100SHOPPErs platform. Below you will find information on how to install the module and how to configure it.

1 Installation

  • Log in to the Shoper administration panel of your store.
  • Go to the Applications tab. In the Search field, type BUY.BOX
  • Click Install application (1).
  • Once installed, navigate from My Apps (2) and then to BUY.BOX.

2 Configuration

  • Click Store Configuration (1).
  • Provide two parameters (2) for the shop that you will receive from the 100SHOPPERS manager.
    • Shop ID – this unique ID of your shop
    • ID commission – this is the unique commission ID

In order to receive the above ID, you must first register with 100shoppers.

The commission rate is “0” for shops which are displayed in the widget on the manufacturers’ websites.

3. Downloading the XML file

  • Click on Download XML link.
  • In the Link field: Copy the URL to the product feed that our plugin generates.
  • Send the copied link to the 100SHOPPERS Manager, who will import the products into our database.
  • The XML file should be updated no less than once a day.

4. XML file format

Integration with our system involves importing your products into our database. For this purpose we use XML files in one of the popular formats (e.g. Ceneo or Nokaut).

The file must contain the appropriate DATA that allows us to display the correct offers. We display only shops which XML file is correct with the specific specification. You can find the exact specification in the article importing PRODUCT FEED.

5 Tests

In order to make sure that the configuration went correctly we will place a test order.

Inform the 100SHOPPERS Manager about the finished configuration of the shop. If test order succeeds, the shop will be active for manufacturers.

6. Data access

Transactions initiated by the 100SHOPPERS Where-To-Buy widget are available after logging into your account. Go to your account here.


  • Correct XML file determines how your listings appear on manufacturers’ sites.
  • Pay attention to the specifications of the feed in question and the data we require.
  • The XML file must be updated at least once a day

Other ways of integrations:

  • Scripts implementation
  • Google Tag Manager option
  • IdoSell platfrom
  • Plugin configuration for PrestaShop