We connect brands with shoppers and your distribution network – retailers.
Our Where-To-Buy widget provides a unique shopping experience by connecting shoppers and retailers in highly efficient manner.

The Where to Buy solution

This simple widget embedded on manufacturers’ websites presents consumers (shoppers) in which stores they can buy a given product.

Retailers (online stores)

We already have integrated stores from various categories that you can add into the widget right away.
If there are no retailers (online stores) on the list in the 100SHOPPERS panel (you will receive an access after you create an account) you want to display in the widget on your website, prepare a list of them and contact with your 100SHOPPERS manager.

Data & Reports

Where To Buy solution allows a manufacturer to be closer to consumers and their retailers. It’s also means getting knowledge about distribution network, the visitors’ customer experience, and and discover where a manufacturer can boosts conversion. Intuitive user interface and visual reports present clear and transparent data and trends.

What benefits does a manufacturer receive when joining 100SHOPPERS?

  • The automated tool (widget) which shows only stores where a product is available
  • Convert manufacturer website traffic into sales.
  • Management of pricing and availability policies in one place.
  • Keeping a potential customer on the website with features such as short path to purchase and minimize the risk of buying a competitor’s product.
  • Analysis of brand website traffic and product sales (optional).
  • Analysis of product availability in stores
  • Analysis of price distribution in stores
  • Competitive analysis tool
  • Campaign analysis (optional)
  • Analiza źródeł
  • Combining the data with the tools such as Looker Studio, Power BI.