Our integration is also based on the import of your products to our database. For this purpose we use a JSON file.

JSON file

Prepare a JSON file according to the following structure:

      "sku": "string", 
      "ean": "GTIN13", 
      "name": "string", 
      "desc": "string", 
      "images": ["URL", "URL", ...], 
      "categories": ["cat > sub-cat", "cat", ...], 
      "price": "decimal" 

Parameters (required): 

  • Producer’s code SKU – is your unique producer’s product ID
  • GTIN number – is your product GTIN number] 
  • Name – is your Product’ name
  • Category – is the category path of your product] 
  • Price- is your product’s suggested retail price

Other parameters: 

  • Image – is the URL of the product image
  • Description – is your product’s description

Note! The file must be embedded on the server and provided as a URL.