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We listen to your needs and respond to them. Create pricing frames that will strengthen your brand credibility.

You probably realize how important the role of the brand is in today's word. Attempting to stand out is becoming increasingly difficult. By giving your users greater freedom of choice and selection, you become competitive. This is an indisputable fact.

Often, in the search for a given item or service, the main criterion that determines the purchase is - price. Specifications, size, colors are important but most often sales are ultimately determined by the budget the customer has. By choosing the right price range and displaying the right offers, you don’t waste someone’s time. Also you show that you care about making the perfect choice.

Such seemingly small factors are important game-changers that decide whether your user will remain on your site or not. It is now possible to filter offers by price in the widget Where-To-Buy.

We are expanding our solutions because we understand what you need. By showing users that you want to work only with proven and competitive contractors, you confirm your professionalism.

Showing only offers with reliable prices - see why it's worth it.

Below you will find a spectrum of arguments that support you becoming interested in our new feature. Price filtering through the widget is available now. The installation will take a moment and satisfaction will be huge!

Save and checked store. Only.

Building a brand is creating awareness and reputation. By sifting companies that source products from illegal sources, you show users that you care about their finances. You don't want them to spend their money feeling anxious.

Show that your brand cares.

Filtering offers by price is an element that only prevent unfair store practices but also allows you to maintain brand price positioning so that it does noe lose its material value and reputation in the eyes of the customer.

The brand's strength is not only low price.

It is worth creating a price framework that allows you to reject too expensive or cheap proposals. Finding the golden mean is a good idea.

A high price range for a specific product is a stable price policy. Too large a price range is completely unnecessary and doesn’t stress the stability of good brands. Price is not the most important factor when shopping. Guarantee, customer service or payment methods also play a big role. 

A good product equals a good price.

Maintaining an appropriate price level with resellers means that customers are eager to buy and the producer cares about the right quality of the product. Greater availability and brand recognition always work for the benefit of you, the users and the manufacturer.

How to show the offers which fit a specific price range

If you don't want to display the offers which don't match your price policy, you can use price filtering in your plugin. To do it, you need to add specific tags, which you can find below. You can use one or both tags.

Bottom price limit:


Top price limit:



This plugin will show only the offers priced between 640,00 and 665,00:


Price filtering - functionality that was needed

Today's market dictates conditions that have become incredibly affordable, convenient and easy to use. This is great news for everyone, a textbook win-win situation. Users only receive a specially selected solution to the problem. They don’t have to spend their time screening out unfavorable offers. Customers using the widget are able to filter out dishonest contractors. Producers are able to improve their products because maintaining a similar price policy requires a lot of effort.

Using filtering offers at a price in the plugin Where-To-Buy takes a short while and creates functionality for the benefit of many.

Please, spare some of your precious time and check now!

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