Convert visitors into shoppers

Our Where-To-Buy solution provides your customers with a faster way to selected online shops. Along with the data we provide, our solutions help you make better business decisions.

Your brand's site with

Your brand's site with Where-To-Buy

Show your visitors where they can buy the products they are interested in and simplify the purchase process turning it into a smooth buyer experience.

The plugin

Our solution Where-To-Buy can be fully integrated with your website and completely frictionless. Users will be more willing to buy your products as they can choose freely from a list of trusted shops which have been pre-selected and showcased for them. It's a simple and efficient way to build a good relationship with retailers.

Product reports

Analyze more than just the number of products sold. Thanks to our detailed product information you can react more adequately to market trends.

Campaign analysis

Our Where-To-Buy option allows you to analyze in detail your online marketing campaign. Observe the purchase process, check what products your customers have actually bought from your site. Thanks to all the data collected and made available to you, you will be able to monitor closely the results of your campaign on the go, practically from anywhere and at any time.

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E‑zakupy w dobie pandemii

E‑zakupy w dobie pandemii

Koronawirus wywrócił do góry nogami naszą codzienność. Sprzedawcy i producenci liczą straty, ale czy faktycznie jest tak, że każdy biznes boryka się z problemami spowodowanymi przez rozprzestrzeniającą się chorobę? Na to pytanie będziemy mogli odpowiedzieć sobie za kilka miesięcy, jednak już teraz można zaobserwować pewnie zmiany,

Reasons why producers choose the where to buy tool

Reasons why producers choose the where to buy tool

Client’s path to purchase can be quite knotty at times. This is especially true in the omnichannel market environment, with off- and online channels intersecting on regular basis. The buyer’s interest is always centered around learning as much as possible about the product, its price, availability, or


Brand-publisher – cooperating with a blogger

As the blogosphere universe keeps expanding every day, verified bloggers, influencers and other content publishers are the go-to group for brands seeking to amplify their online presence. With their well-established and highly focused follower groups, who closely emulate their idols’ choices, cooperating with bloggers might help

What Clients say

Rafał Czapski
Digital & Trade Marketing Manager

The solution is very flexible, which let us create a Where-To-Buy solution customized to our brand website. Thanks to that, we are able to redirect our customers to chosen retailers leading them directly to the product fiche and assuring them that the product is available.

Anna Pietrzak
Marketing Director

Store lists displayed automatically next to every product is a customer solution that has a direct impact on our sales. Additionally, the detailed reports provide our marketing departments with necessary information about the popularity of our products.

Łukasz Sałański
Omnichannel Development Manager

Thanks to the 100Shoppers plugin, managing customer information under the Where-To-Buy button is faster, easier and more efficient both on our brand sites and in our campaigns. The provided reports let us use the potential of our products more effectively.