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About reports

We are excited to introduce you to our new features and reports.

Competition report

Increasing your knowledge of your competitors is one of the ways to establish a strong market position and keep your sales growing. That’s why we give you a ready-to-use tool for analyzing data.

  • Start by creating product sets – list the products that are crucial for your sales and marketing
  • Observe the ranking of several competing products against the position, price and availability of your items
  • Observe sales trends over time and changing prices
  • Check prices and availability with the key retailers and compare them with your sales data

Don’t miss out on any opportunity to get one step ahead of your competitors.

Analysis of marketing sources and campaign

Knowing what advertisements and channels effectively get your message across to consumers – buyers, allows you to properly diversify your marketing budget and have more control over it. While viewing reports, you can use Source filter and check what the consumer’s path to purchase looked like.

  • Increase revenue from online advertising
  • Increase the effectiveness of your content activities in social media
  • Observe sales details
  • Improve the effectiveness of your campaigns
Use the data and share it with your agency to enhance campaign effectiveness and grow your product sales.

Where you can use
the Source Analysis?

You can enable the additional source analysis on your website as well as your landing page during your marketing campaign.

Availability report

The availability analysis is a crucial strategic element and retailer relationship building factor. That’s why we enhanced the report tool by adding Current Availability section. With this functionality you can:

  • Obtain quick availability overview per store over a particular period of time
  • Check the current availability of your products in specific stores
  • Verify which products are currently unavailable

You can compare this data with the one you already have in your system.

Price distribution report

Price monitoring allows you to follow price deviation and how it affects your sales. The report also provides insights into the pricing strategy of selected online stores. The report allows you to:

  • Check the product price deviations from the recommended price
  • Verify the level of price deviations over time
  • Optimize the margins for retailers

With the price monitoring you can adjust your price policy to the market as well as the consumer demand.

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