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Stock availability report

Stock availability report

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The stock availability report tool allows for minute monitoring of stock levels in our partner shops’ inventory in real time. This is how our merchants can swiftly verify the on-hand stock of our brand goods in their brick and mortar outlets or online stores. Manufacturers, on the other hand, can easily gain an insight into which touchpoints need restocking, or where a promotional campaign would be fitting in order to facilitate the conversion of the slow-moving products. And that is just a fraction of data gleaned and presented in the ‘report’ functionality. Read more about our report tool in the article below.

Here you will read about:

  • what data is accessible with the ‘report’ functionality;
  • how to make the most of the data on the order to sales ratio;
  • how to apply merchandise availability data in optimizing marketing campaigns on products currently on promotion;
  • why only those shops that do carry the desired product should be displayed in the “100shoppers” where to buy widget.

What exactly is a stock availability report?

Using the where to buy widget, we can generate an extensive availability overview for our goods at any online partner store. That’s what a stock availability report essentially is. Such an analysis helps us track the breakdown and distribution of flagship or key products in specific shops. If we dive deeper into the report data, we find a wealth of output crucial to our sales strategy, including:

  • average stock level of all our merchandise available from partner stores;
  • total number of offers displayed on partner sites per date;
  • product availability to displayed ratio;
  • total number of offers by time period – here we can track how our offer expanded at specific partner stores over time;
  • average product availability per location;
  • product timeline overview per location, showing stores where our product was out of shelf on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
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How to apply report data in boosting sales

If you’re wondering how exactly the data segments mentioned above can have a viable impact on increasing sales, think marketing and sales optimization. Here are some practical implementations of the data in those areas:

  • availability overviews – analyses generated by the report offer a rundown of shops where our goods are on offer. This knowledge will let us run promotional campaigns with partners exhibiting satisfying sales records. We can also be certain that any visitor to our website will be directed straight to the shop that does carry our products, without the risk of the buyer dropping off due to a shortage situation. The data provided by the report gives us full control over the report components and marketing campaigns we aim to launch. This can further foster a synergy of marketing and sales departments in the area of promotional activities and restocking requirements for specific stores. And all this can be done by a simple calculation of delivered-to-sold ratio figures, also available from ‘report’ level.
  • partner relationship management – merchants can easily estimate stock levels, which helps them plan their actions efficiently by, for example, booking products for an upcoming order. That way the fast-selling products will be earmarked for your partner even if they miss out on an order deadline. Such preemptive actions contribute to building sustainable partner relationships by ensuring continuity of sales;
  • availability overviews in volatile market conditions – this data breakdown allows us to draft a contingency strategy in sales crises and critical market predicament like, for example, the imperative to move goods from one seller to another, or shift merchandise between warehouses. Access to product availability particulars will launch fast reaction to emergencies and will help us dispel an upcoming crisis with much greater confidence;
  • building customer confidence – with the increased control over the actual location and availability of our goods, we can be more predictable for our customers. Visiting our website, customers are sure to find the most reliable information and up-to-date list of shops which carry our brand;
  • fighting off cross-boarding – our report allows us to identify and settle incidents of a partner’s bypassing us as the official distributor by procuring products from outlets abroad. This being a quite common practice, the report data at our disposal will tell us exactly which seller might be abusing our partnership and engaging in such detrimental activities, allowing us to nip the crisis in the bud.
  • in-depth sales reviews – that are a simple yet effective way of checking if seasonality influences our sales, and if so, in what way and to what extent, also whether our promotional campaigns are bringing in expected results, etc.

In conclusion

Stock availability reports generated by the “100shoppers” widget offer a wide range of practical applications that can dramatically improve our daily business operations. As manufacturers, we only develop as much as we can make sense of figures, which stand for demand and supply, but also for a great number of market facts that can come to the surface only via the process of smart analysis. These subtle facts can also prove critical for the business management decisions we make every day. With its good number of tracking options, analytical segments and comparison features, the ‘report’ functionality that “100shoppers” has prepared for you can perfectly complement any and every sales report in an effort to build a more long-lasting and sustainable business.    

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