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Competitor report tool for manufacturers

Run cross-market monitoring of price and product availability​

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Get your own Competitor report

Increasing your knowledge of your competitors is one of the ways to establish a strong market position and keep your sales growing. That’s why we give you a ready-to-use tool for analyzing data.

Compare your product with the competitors

Check the ranking of the competing products against:

  • Number of offers,
  • Price,
  • Availability of your items.

Keep track of the price levels and price range

Follow global market trends and keep track your competitors.

Monitor price changes over time

Monitor up-to-date number of offers in retail stores

Get more than data to analyze

The report allows you to analyze the relevant elements, such as price or product availability. Combining such data help you better manage your product segments and build a competitive advantage.

Optimize your marketing budget

You only spend money on promoting products which meet market requirements.

Save time
and funds

We all know that being able to follow the information about your competitor’s prices and product availability is crucial to succeed in a competitive market, but acquiring this data can be both time-consuming and expensive

Discover new sales opportunities

You know in real time which products generate the highest profit.

Be up-to-date with competitors' change and optimize your strategy

This solution is very flexible, which lets us customize the widget to our brand website. Thanks to that, we are able to direct our customers to chosen retailers, leading them straight to the product card where the product is available.

Rafał Czapski
Digital & Trade Marketing Manager

Beko logo

Store lists displayed automatically next to every product is a customer solution that directly contributes to boosting our sales in. Additionally, the detailed reports we can generate with such ease provide our marketing departments with necessary information about the popularity of our products.

Anna Pietrzak
Marketing Director


Thanks to the 100Shoppers plugin, managing customer journey under the Where To Buy button is faster, easier and more efficient both on our brand sites and in our campaigns. The provided reports let us use the potential of our products more effectively.

Łukasz Sałański
Omnichannel Development Manager

Spectrum Brands

Maybe this is the kind of analysis your company needs. We’ll be pleased to show you how to create your own competitive sets and get data you can analyze in real time. Find out how it can help your brand and then decide.

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