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Competition report

Increasing your knowledge of your competitors is one of the ways to establish a strong market position and keep your sales growing. That’s why we give you a ready-to-use tool for analyzing data. 

  • Creating products sets that are crucial for you sales and marketing
  • Check the ranking of several competing products against the position, price and availability of your items
  • Monitor prices and availability with the key retailers and compare them with your sales data
  • Monitor sales trends over time and changing prices
  • Identify competitor advantages and weaknesses easily and quickly.
Competition report

Data to analyze and share

The report allows you to analyze the relevant elements, such as price or product availability. Combining such data help you better manage your product segments and build a competitive advantage.

  • Use the data and share it with your sales & marketing department
  • Prevent the products’ promotion which don’t match with the market demands
  • Explore new sales opportunities
  • Monitor your position in the market and build strong relationships with consumers

Be up to date with competitors’ change and optimize your strategy.

Don't miss out any oportunity to get one step ahead of your competitors

We invite you to learn more about the tool

Maybe this is the kind of analysis your company needs.We’ll be pleased to show you how to create your own competitive sets and get data you can analyze in real time. Find out how it can help your brand and then decide.

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