100shoppers case study

Implementation of the Where-To-Buy widget - KOLO (Grupa Geberit) website case

Sales increase
increase  in sales by several hundred % within four months
consumer needs met

About KOLO

The KOŁO brand is part of the international Geberit Group and one of the leading producers of bathroom ceramics and sanitary fittings. It is a world class ceramic products manufacturer.




sanitary fixtures

Cooperating since

August 2020

Brand's need identification and analysis

In 2020, we formed a partnership with Geberit, a leader in the sanitary industry. The goal of our collaboration was to create a new conversion on www.kolo.com.pl. The KOŁO website is one of those sites belonging to the Geberit group, which generates traffic with the highest number of users.

What we did

The first stage

So far, industries such as electronics, children goods, and publishing have been using the Where-To-Buy solution. And for those industries we already had stores integrated with our platform. The sanitary industry was a new one for us, therefore the first stage was the integration of the online stores selected by the manufacturer KOŁO with our platform.

Second stage

Launching a sales channel – a widget with a list of stores, which is displayed next to each product on www.kolo.com.pl.


By using Where-To-Buy, which informs the consumer already navigating on the manufacturer’s website in which stores the product is available, we have ensured a smooth shopping path to a selected store.

What benefits does a visitor navigating www.kolo.com.pl enjoy?

Product availability is a crucial decision factor in the buying process - potential customers don't end up with "empty listings".

What benefits does the manufacturer enjoy?

conversion path: product clicked versus purchased
How many of your products have been purchased? Quickly compare how customers are buying.
access to significant reports


The manufacturer KOŁO decided to implement the 100shoppers solution in the second half of 2020. The statistics of the sales accomplished within the following four months, by using the tool on the manufacturer’s website, showed the growth of several hundred percent.
Sales are systematically increasing – several dozen percent per month.
According to Agnieszka Jasińska-Szydło, the Digital Projects Marketing Coordinator at KOŁO “This shows that it is a good idea to examine the new way of directing B2C customers to our business partners and further develop it”.
More stores are expressing their desire to join the 100Shoppers platform, which shows how effective and popular the Where-To-Buy solution is becoming, not just in sales.

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Download the manufacturer KOLO (Geberit group) case study

How we create a new conversion on www.kolo.com.pl website using Where-To-Buy solution, integrating their retail – online stores in the first place?
Sales increased by several hundred % within four months.